Tuesday, December 15, 2009

DIY Null Modem

I know serial ports are heading  towards obsolescence but I still need to use them occasionally. One piece of hardware often required for serial connections is a null modem. The following describes how I made a DB9 null modem.

I started off by purchasing two cheap plastic DB9 shells, a DB9 plug and a DB9 socket. DSC_0177
Next I screwed the shells together and hacksawed through the cable side of the screw holes on one shell and the plug side of the screw holes on the other shell. DSC_0178
After gluing the two cut down shells together I had a shell with a space for installing a DB9 connector in both ends.


From here it was a simple soldering job following the null modem pinouts from nullmodem.com and I had a compact DB9 null modem to put in my toolkit!




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