Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tether Your Phone Without Rooting it

Good news Android users, you no longer have to “root your phone” to tether it to a laptop!

android160A tidy little application called PdaNet makes this  possible. From what I understand PdaNet is actually a two part installation. The first part is a small application that you install on your PC. The second part happens automatically when you plug your android phone in via USB. The PdaNet application actually installs a small android app on your phone which is used to access its data (3G etc) connection.

I’ve tried PdaNet on a windows 7 laptop and it works beautifully. Now I need to investigate whether I can set my laptop to prevent such things as windows updates happening when I’m connected to my phone and using up the measly 500MB of my phone plan.

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