Saturday, August 8, 2009

Foam Dust

After a bingle on the water the other weekend with an old guy in a floppy hat my long board was looking a tad sad. What looked like a minor crack in the gloss at first inspection turned out to be a pretty decent crunch with the foam crumbled and soft behind it for several inches.

So after cursing old guys floppy hats and crowded beaches for a few minutes I checked out the board lady's site for some sage advice, then took a trip to Bunnings and bought a new 5" rotary sander.

After grinding out all the damaged material with great enthusiasm I was left with a pretty scary looking hole. Following the board lady's advice I then filled this up with even scarier looking blocks of foam (divinycell), which I first heated in the oven so I could shape them to the hole. The chemical aroma that emanated from my oven would indicate that it would not be a good idea to cook a pie at the same time as heating up divinycell.

After applying resin, glass cloth and masking tape to hold the whole mess together I left it to dry and was left with the lumping looking result in the picture above. I then sanded this back down to the rather pleasing result show here.
After filling in a couple of little holes with some glass fibre dust mixed with resin I'm putting my feet up for the next drying phase. Look for my next post on painting this and glassing over it, hopefully to restore my longboard to like new condition.

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