Friday, August 28, 2009

Tweet Hate

So often when I mention that I am a twitter user I come across haters. The most common reason for the hate is that “twitter is pointless” and “tweets are boring”. Aside from the fact that these opinions are usually second hand (the worst kind of opinions) they are also misguided.

The reason these opinions are misguided is that they blame twitter for the banality of some of its users. Twitter is simply a new medium for communication much like the mobile phone was not so long ago, and is thus entirely incapable of being banal or interesting.

If you have to listen to a boring friend on the phone do you tell everyone that phones suck and phone users are boring? Of course you don’t, you just screen their calls and find someone more interesting to talk to. You might also consider the fact that it is possible that you are boring to listen to yourself, and you need to work on being a more interesting human being.

So my message to the haters - twitter is not boring, just you and your friends are.

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