Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brand New Second Hand

After nearly a year of saving $10 here and $20 there, I broke open my piggy bank this weekend and bought a brand new second hand waveboard from Windsurfing Perth.

2007 JP Real World Wave 69LI’ve been riding a 96 litre Fanatic Freewave for the last four years and love it, especially when I’m first to plane in marginal conditions. But at 72 kilograms I’m a lightweight and just can’t hold the rails down when the wind blows above 25 knots. So for when it blows I decided to go small, really small and got a 2007 model 69 litre JP Real World Wave (shown here).

I picked up two G10 Real World Wave fins with it, a 23” and a 20” to match my 5.8 and 4.7 sails respectively. The 5.8 may be pushing the big side for this board but with the right tuning I think I can make it work for me.

Now I just have to wait for a decent blow to try it out. The temptation to take it out in marginal conditions just so we can get to know each other is there. But I know if the wind drops the paltry 69 litres won’t even float me so it will be a long swim back to the beach.

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