Tuesday, October 13, 2009

iTunes Movie Rentals – Fix the iFreeze

I’ve had some long waits for the more popular movies in my Quickflix queue lately. When I heard that iTunes downloads are quota free for iinet customers I decided to give the iTunes movie rental service a try.

My first thought when I started browsing the movies in the iTunes store was that they are a little more expensive to rent than Quickflix at $6.99 each compared $15 a month for four movies. The instant (well less than 3 hours anyway) gratification of downloading almost makes up for this though.

So I found Seven Pounds and started downloading. Three hours later when I started trying to play my movie I hit a major showstopper. Playback lasted about two seconds then iTunes froze so badly I had to kill it with task manager. A quick search on the forums provided an easy fix though. I just had to change the preferences in iTunes to play movies in a new window and everything worked perfectly.

An added bonus was that iTunes just works with my MCE remote! The basic play, pause and volume functions work right out of the box. After running MythTV on my mediacentre PC for a couple of years I am terribly impressed when anything just works!

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