Monday, October 26, 2009

Take Your Time and Get More Done

I’ve been trying to adopt something of a life philosophy lately where I avoid multitasking in favour of solid concentration on a single task for a prolonged period. Whenever I find I’m starting to hurry I try to catch myself and slow back down. I seem to get much more done this way and what I produce is of a higher quality with the added benefit of experiencing far less stress.

The hardest part of implementing this life philosophy is protecting my concentration from interruptions. So far I am doing this by designating times of the day that I make myself slightly inaccessible. I do my best work before lunch, so I start each day by choosing  a single large, important or difficult task to work on solidly all morning while ignoring email and requests from colleagues as much as possible. My afternoon is then devoted to the backlog of small tasks that has formed during the morning that would have become distractions from my core task if I had attended to them at the time.

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