Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Inspiring Reading

I’ve recently given up treating my Google Reader account like an inbox.  Every lunch time I would log in for a quick read and be stressed out when I saw that I had over 400 new posts to read! Now I just treat it more like a magazine rack in the waiting room and flick through an almost limitless number of awesome articles hand picked to suit my interests.

A couple of feeds that I am finding particularly inspiring at the moment:

  • Make Magazine features the work of a wide variety of eccentric inventors. I find an infectious joy present in these articles on making for the sheer creative joy of it
  • Boing Boing is an online magazine of technology, culture and fantastic quirkiness
  • Adafruit has regular articles on open source electronic projects and kits. A great source of inspiration for projects and diversions around the home

Now that I have stopped trying to apply a zero inbox philosophy to reader I can feel free to add more great feeds like the above so I always have something interesting to suit my varying moods.

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